Google released the Titan security key to protect accounts from hacking

Google found a replacement for the standard two-step login to the account in the form of a physical security key Titan. It protects against interception of data better than the confirmation code, which usually comes via SMS or generated through the application. The key is a USB-drive, which must be connected to the computer during authorization. For mobile devices, you use a Bluetooth connection.

Google employees are testing new security keys since the beginning of 2017. As a result, the number of hacking of their accounts was reduced to zero. After all, even if hackers intercept a login and password, they can not access the accounts without a physical key. This protection is especially important for cloud business accounts, which need to keep sensitive data.

Titan Security Key

Physical security keys are far from novelty. For example, an existing solution from Yubico allows you to use them to log in to Gmail and Facebook accounts as part of a two-step authorization. Google decided to emphasize the merits of this type of protection, offered its own option.

The Google Titan key will soon be available on the Google Store for $ 20-25. USB and Bluetooth-modules will cost $ 50. Security keys can work without a network and without a battery, which will be convenient for use on the road.

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