Astronomers first recorded the birth of a new planet

A new planet was discovered in the framework of programs for studying young stars SHINE and DISK. According to The Guardian, the discovery was made by the staff of the European Southern Observatory with the help of one of the most powerful telescopes VLT (Very Large Telescope).

“Newborn” is at a distance of 370 light years from Earth and will eventually become part of the planetary system of the star PDS 70, located in the constellation Centauri. The distance between a star and a new planet roughly corresponds to the distance from Uranus to the Sun, that is, about 2.9 billion km. Analysis of the photographs showed that the temperature on its surface can reach 1000 g. C, and by mass it exceeds Jupiter.

A few words about the VLT telescope. It is located in Chile at the Paranal Observatory at an altitude of 2,635 meters and is a complex of four separate 8.2-meter and four auxiliary 1.8-meter telescopes with a virtual mirror diameter of 130 meters.

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