Il-38N – the newest hunter for submarines


Naval aviation received another formidable fighting machine – a hunter for submarines, which underwent a deep modernization of the Il-38N. The letter “H” means that the aircraft is equipped with a modern search and sighting system “Novella P-38”. According to the tradition established in aviation, the aircraft received the name this time in honor of its creator, the well-known designer of aviation radio-electronic complexes Fedor Zolotukhin.

“Novella P-38” can detect everything that flies over the sea, floats on its surface and under water. The crew of the hunter from 7 person provides search of the purposes, resetting of means of search and tracking which, in particular, allow to detect surface ships on distance to 320 km, and submarines – to 150 km. He is able to accompany up to 50 surface objects.

In addition, the IL-38N can find wrecks and find in the sea of ​​people in distress. In its arsenal of bombs, torpedoes, RCC, depth charges, magnetic and sonar buoys.

“Fyodor Zolotukhin” is the fifth serial modified anti-submarine aircraft, replenished by the Navy.

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