On Venus it is so windy that it could accelerate the rotation of the planet

The atmosphere of the second planet from the Sun is so dense and hot that it is more like the ocean in our earthly view. However, there are winds and very strong, which do not just disperse the “air” there, but also can create strange effects. In 2015, the apparatus of “Akatsuki” in the orbit of Venus noticed something strange, and only now scientists have managed to build a reasoned version, what is this atmospheric phenomenon.

“Akatsuki” saw in the atmosphere of Venus long, curved like a bow wave, which stretched almost across the entire planet. Some huge and very dense, in addition to a stable education, which did not correspond to any kind of Venusian weather, known today. A group of scientists from UCLA and the University of Paris-Saclay, in order to study the issue, formed a fundamentally new model of the Venusian atmosphere.


According to the simulation results, a giant onion wave is a trace from the pressure of the strongest winds on the mountains on the surface of the planet. Atmospheric masses are dispersed so much that, in the literal sense, they pressurize, like a sail, onto the terrain and thus accelerate the rotation of the planet. Not much, just 2 minutes for one Venusian day, in which 243 terrestrial days. But the very fact of this phenomenon is amazing!

However, such acceleration would certainly detect astronomical instruments, and there was no news of Venus’ strange behavior. This means that the model is wrong, or the scientists do not have enough data. For example, the impact of the gravity of the planet and the sun to compensate for the effects of the wind. But in order to respond to this, it is necessary to send at least one more descent kamikaze apparatus with the necessary equipment to a one-time mission, and none of the space organizations of the world is so interested in such expenses .

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