In the United States will limit the distribution of drawings and models for 3D-printing weapons


During the first two days after the documentation was posted on the world’s first single-shot Liberator gun created with a 3D printer , it was downloaded more than 100,000 times. Despite the low reliability and ability to equip it with only one cartridge, the US State Department is constantly making efforts to prohibit the dissemination of any information about the technology of its manufacture.

Formally, a gun developed at Defense Distributed, which develops models of smooth-bore weapons for printing on 3D printers, does not violate US law. Used as a striker, the nail helps to circumvent the “Invisible Weapons Act”, which requires the presence of metal in any weapon for detection by metal detectors. Now the basis for the prohibition of the distribution of drawings and 3D-models, are the provisions of the new legislation on the export of weapons.

The legislative changes considered before August 3 proposed limiting the distribution on the Internet of not only weapons programs, but also any diagrams, tables, formulas and specifications. In the event of adoption of amendments, the posting on the network of this information will be equated to the export of manufactured weapons.

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