The CamSwarm application will allow you to shoot the “matrix effect” with smartphone cameras

Bullet time

The effect “Bullet Time” applied in the movie “Matrix” will soon be available to users of ordinary smartphones. To get the effect of rotating the camera around the subject will be enough four smartphones with an installed application from the company Adobe Systems, developed in collaboration with researchers from Columbia University.
Bullet timeThis creates a professional “Bullet Time”

The CamSwarm application allows you to synchronize the operation of the shutters of several cameras of smartphones connected over a Wi-Fi network. The developers believe that it is optimal to use 4 cameras located at a right angle. The control is carried out from the preselected master camera. The installation process takes about one minute. This development will allow photo enthusiasts to combine efforts to obtain incredible effects when shooting mobile effects, and not just frozen in static.

The upcoming application is a modern implementation of the developments of Eadweard Muybridge (Eadweard Muybridge), who was looking for methods of obtaining chronophotographies, consisting of a series of large number of consecutive images, back in the XIX century.

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