Kubrik-cabinet will save and transform the space of the house


Numerous shelves in our homes, where we put on public display objects of everyday life, have one negative feature – they take up a lot of space. In their background, the Cubrick Cabinet looks surreal and at the same time very rational.

The cabinet is made in configurations for 12, 16 and 20 niches in the form of a cube for storing things. To install and use it you need very little space. The only thing is, it will be necessary to provide for several extra square centimeters, which will be required when opening it.

Wonderful transformation

The cabinet functions thanks to the original rotating mechanism. In it you can store absolutely everything, except perhaps perishable products. It is not difficult to imagine the reaction of guests when the neat pedestal standing in the middle of the room turns into a bar with a light movement of the host’s hand, where its contents are immediately extracted.

Kubrik-cabinet looks a little like the popular cubic shelving company IKEA. However, this feeling goes away when you find out that the most accessible version of the cabinet costs $ 7000.

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